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Earto K637 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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Illuminate Your Workspace: Experience the charm of our Backlit Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Choose from 7 vibrant backlight colors with 3 adjustable brightness levels for a delightful visual typing journey. The keys under the backlight grow brighter, adding an aesthetic flair to your desk setup. 

✦ Effortless Wireless Connectivity: Embrace the convenience of our Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, boasting a simple plug-and-play setup with a 2.4GHz wireless connection. Just plug in the single receiver into your computer and start typing immediately, all within a robust and reliable wireless range of up to 10 meters (33 feet).

✦ Ergonomic Jiggler Mouse: Our set includes a uniquely designed palm grip mouse with 4 adjustable DPI levels (800/1200/1600/2000) and a built-in Jiggler mode. This feature keeps your screen active when you’re not at your desk, saving you from the hassle of logging back into your programs.

✦ Energy-Efficient Type-C Rechargeable: Both the wireless keyboard and mouse are rechargeable via Type-C, ensuring impressive battery life. The keyboard offers a whopping 380 hours of use without backlight, and 6 hours with backlight, while the mouse delivers up to 30 hours of continuous operation.

✦ Sophisticated Ultra-Slim Design: The full-size keyboard offers responsive scissor keys, complete function keys, and an independent number pad for an unparalleled typing experience. The ergonomic 7° tilt ensures maximum comfort during long working sessions.

✦ Protective Keyboard Cover: Each Keyboard includes a custom keyboard protector that’s dustproof and waterproof, safeguarding your keyboard without affecting the backlight. We want it to take care of your daily use and working habits.

✦ Cross-platform Compatibility: Use our Wireless Keyboard and Mouse across different platforms seamlessly, thanks to the included USB-C to B Adapter. Enjoy the flexibility to switch your work between Windows and Mac computers at any time.







Earto Backlit Wireless Keyboard Mouse


Earto’s K series, based on a scissor key structure, combined with a slim design, provides a quiet and typing feeling keyboard. With cool seven-color backlighting and a stable 2.4G signal connection, the K637 can easily adapt to office and gaming.







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More Details

Type-C Rechargeable

The keyboard and mouse have built-in batteries, which save power through the automatic sleep function, bringing better battery life and user experience. No need to buy batteries anymore.

* Built-in charging overvoltage protection mechanism to extend battery life.









Scissor Keys Structure

Compared with traditional keyboards, the scissor-switch keys reduce the sounds while bringing a more comfortable typing feeling.Easily activate the buttons, saving your hands and wrists, allowing you to write faster than ever.





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