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Earto Crescent 96% Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard


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✦ Minimalist Design, Maximum Impact: Melding modern simplicity with high-quality materials, our keyboard features white keycaps, a stunning white LED backlight, and a premium metallic build.

✦ Low Profile, High Comfort: Easier keystrokes and less wrist stress! With our unique low-profile design, you’ll find it easier to reach the bottom of the keyboard while typing. Short keystrokes ensure a faster trigger without extra effort.

✦ Efficient 96% Layout with 100 Keys: Why compromise? Enjoy the best of both worlds with a compact yet highly functional 100-key layout. Save desk space without losing essential numeric keys, elevating your office efficiency.

✦ Triple Connectivity Options: Switch between Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G Wireless, and Wired modes to suit your setup. Perfect for both office and on-the-go usage.

✦ 20 White Backlight Modes: Illuminate your workspace with 20 versatile lighting modes. Whether you’re working late or gaming, find the perfect ambiance to match your mood.

✦ Windows & Mac OS Compatibility: Seamlessly switch between operating systems with full support for both Windows and Mac OS.

✦ Dual Support Stands: Customize your typing angle easily with our dual support stands, making long typing sessions a breeze.




Unlock Swift Typing

Meet Your Efficient Keyboard

Introducing Earto Crescent 96%, the mechanical keyboard that masterfully combines sleek design and peak efficiency. Experience minimized effort with our low-profile mechanism and relish in the spacious yet compact 96% key layout. Optimized for both fervent gaming nights and productive workdays, it’s not just a keyboard; it’s your new partner in every keystroke.




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Earto Crescent 96% Specification Details


Switch type Low-profile Outemu mechanical
Hot-swappable NO
Layout ANSI 96%
Number of keys 100 keys
Backlight White
Backlight modes 20
Key rollover N-key rollover

Mode 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth 5.0 or Wired
Battery capacity 2000mAh
Working time Up to 20 hours Backlight on (Lab test result)
Compatible system Windows/MacOS/Android/iOS
Materials Frame: Aluminum, Centre panel: Stainless steel, Bottom case: ABS,Keycap: ABS
Size 369.6 x 133.2 x 12.0 mm / 14.5 x 5.2 x 0.47 inch
Weight 770 g / 27.2 oz



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